Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Add Value to Your Home?

August 16, 2020

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One common questions posed by homeowners is if a kitchen remodel really adds value to their home and, if so, how much value! Knowing the value added by a new kitchen design and plan can help homeowners decide their budget and if a new kitchen is worth their time and money investment.

Homeowners can typically expect to see a 50% to 80% return on their new kitchen investment in terms of increased property values. A homeowner might see a higher rate of return if they invest in quality materials and surfaces as well as energy-efficient, name brand appliances. Choosing unusual finishes and colors, low-quality materials and appliances, and overlooking needed repairs and design flaws in the current space can lower your rate of return.

Since a kitchen remodel is typically a significant investment of both time and money, and there is no guarantee that you’ll recoup your costs in terms of increased property values, you might consider some added details about kitchen designs options most likely to add value to your home. It’s also helpful to consider what might lower that rate of return and other such mistakes to avoid.

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You can then discuss your budget, options, and other concerns with a real estate agent or property appraiser as well as a kitchen renovation contractor, as needed. In the end, you’ll end up with a kitchen you love and that adds as much value to your home as possible.

Kitchen Remodel Details That Add Value to a Home

Homeowners today have far more options for kitchen remodeling plans and features than ever before! Even high-end materials and chef-inspired appliances are typically priced well within the average kitchen renovation budget, and a skilled designer can create a space that’s both fabulous and functional! To ensure you get the most value out of your kitchen renovation, however, note a few details and features to keep in mind.

  • Durable, easy-to-clean flooring is a must-have for kitchens and adds value to the space. Avoid low-quality vinyl or linoleum and invest in dense, durable porcelain or ceramic tile. These materials are made with natural clays so they withstand water damage, and are easy to clean with a simply household mop.
  • As with floors, it’s vital that you choose durable, hygienic countertop materials built to withstand lots of wear and tear over the years. Laminate adhesion tends to lose strength, allowing laminate countertops to fall apart. Butcher-block countertops are easy to nick and scratch. Choose granite or quartz instead, for attractive yet durable counters in the kitchen.
  • Laminate cabinetry also tends to fall apart over the years, while low-quality softwood might show nicks, scratches, and other such wear. Dense and durable cherry, mahogany, and other such quality woods will last for many years, adding value to your kitchen remodel plans.
  • Energy-efficient appliances are an excellent choice for adding value to your home, as they can mean lower utility costs over the years. Consider, too, dishwashers with short cycle options that use less water than average cycles, zone control refrigerators so you can lower the temperature in various spots, and other options that save both energy and fresh resources!
  • As with other surfaces in the kitchen, it’s also vital that you choose appliances with durable, easy-to-clean surfaces. Stainless steel offers a dense surface that resists germs and bacteria and which is often easy to clean with a simple damp rag.
  • Adequate lighting is vital in a kitchen, for safe food prep and to create a welcoming, pleasing look. A dull, dark kitchen can even look dirty, so ensure you invest in a quality overhead light fixture as well as recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and other such details as needed.
  • When planning your new kitchen remodel, don’t forget practical additions such as extra outlets behind the counters, slide-out shelves in lower cabinets and adjustable shelves in upper cabinetry, built-in drawer compartments, a broom closet and recycling center, and other such details.

Avoid These Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

While there are many details to include if you’re looking to add value to your home with a kitchen remodel, there are also some mistakes to avoid along the way! Adding certain features or overlooking important details can mean detracting from potential value during your home’s kitchen remodel. Consider a few of these points and discuss them with a kitchen renovation contractor or real estate agent as needed before work begins.

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  • Never overlook or neglect needed repairs before and during your kitchen renovation! It’s not unusual for a contractor to find rotted subflooring, outdated wiring, and other such necessary repairs during initial kitchen renovation stages. Neglecting this work often means costlier repairs down the road and reducing any value added by your kitchen remodel.
  • To protect potential value in your kitchen, choose neutral, classic colors schemes and materials as overly bold, eclectic, and personalized options might detract from any potential value added. Stick to earth tones, cool grays, or a black-and-white color scheme as an example, and add personality with details someone can change easily, such as wall paint or artwork.
  • Avoid creating a cramped and crowded space in the kitchen, as this detracts from its functionality and value! Ensure two people can work together in the kitchen and there is room to open all cabinet, appliance, and entryway doors fully.
  • Don’t assume that more expensive details and features add more value! High-end marble countertops, stone floors, a custom mural on the wall and other such touches are an excellent investment only if you prefer those details for yourself, but never assume that a higher kitchen renovation cost always means a higher rate of increased value.
  • No matter the changes made during a kitchen remodel, never overlook both ample and accessible storage! An oversized pantry is an excellent idea for your new kitchen space; however, if that pantry is in the hallway outside the kitchen, this makes items inaccessible and cumbersome to retrieve. Consider built-in shelving around the refrigerator, ceiling-height cabinets, and other such features that provide storage right where it’s needed.

When Is It Time to Plan a Kitchen Remodel?

If you want to improve or at least hold onto your home’s values, it’s vital that you avoid putting off a needed kitchen remodel! Typically this means a full-scale renovation every five to seven years, or when you notice your kitchen looking a bit dated and dull, and when surfaces start to show excess wear and tear.

Beyond worrying about adding or retaining value, it’s also vital to consider a kitchen remodel if the current space doesn’t work for you, or might not function as needed in the near future. As an example, if you’re nearing retirement age or have already reached a particular age, you might consider adding safety features and easier access in the kitchen. This might include textured floor tile for added traction and lots of additional lighting; programmable appliances also ensure you never forget to turn on the oven or dishwasher when needed!

A homeowner might also consider a kitchen remodel if the current space is not quite functional for your immediate needs. For instance, if the kids are now out of the house, you might want to remove a built-in bench or some cabinetry and create a cozy coffee nook, with room for a comfortable chair or two and a TV on the wall! If your family is growing and the kitchen seems cramped and crowded, a kitchen renovation contractor might remove a wall, scale down the center island, or otherwise create a more workable space in the kitchen.

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Note, too, that overly worn countertops and floors might hold germs, bacteria, dirt, and other such harmful debris. If you notice lots of scratches and worn areas on your home’s kitchen floors and counters or along the cabinetry, it’s time for a kitchen remodel! Updated, solid surfaces provide a more hygienic space for food prep and cooking as well as safer surfaces underfoot.

One last note about a kitchen remodel; keep in mind that the kitchen is probably the one room in the home used by everyone in the family, every single day. While some people enjoy cooking, it can also be a tedious chore to many. Those are some very good reasons to invest in a kitchen remodel simply because the current space is outdated and downright dull!

A new kitchen space, with an updated design scheme and colors you love, along with appliances designed to make cooking and cleanup easier, can mean a welcoming space you love. Added room can also ensure there are no excuses for lacking help in the kitchen, and easy-to-clean surfaces also mean no excuses for not helping to clean up!

If your home’s kitchen is anything less than stunning and a welcoming space you love to use, it’s time for a kitchen remodel or at least a “facelift.” You should enjoy every room in your home, including the kitchen, as should everyone in the family, so schedule a renovation as soon as you notice the current space is dull, dim, and downright unattractive.


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