Complete Bathroom Renovation in Sarasota Creates a Peaceful Oasis

State-of-the-Art Bathroom Renovation in Sarasota Area

Are you looking for a complete bathroom renovation in Sarasota? One of the best ways to improve the look and feel of any home is by giving the bathroom a makeover. Sarasota, Florida has many homes with outdated or even unusable bathrooms. A bathroom renovation can completely change the look and feel of your home.

The professionals at Sarasota Kitchen Remodeling are among the best in the business. We can be trusted to work with you to make sure that your new bathroom will not only look beautiful but will also function well for you and your family members. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Sarasota, FL will work with you from start to finish, creating a custom design that reflects your style and taste as well as the space available to you. Give us a call to speak with one of our bathroom designers today!

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What's Involved in a Bathroom Renovation?

A bathroom remodeler in Sarasota, FL will start by assessing your current bathroom. This is the best way to determine what can be changed or what must be left alone. You may choose to simply update the fixtures and give your bathroom a fresh new look. If you are looking for more than just an upgrade in appearance, though, it might be time to completely renovate your bathroom.

This could mean knocking out the existing walls and starting fresh, updating electrical work, or even installing new plumbing. You may choose to add a jacuzzi tub installation in Sarasota, FL where there was none before, or you might decide that after living in your home for 30 years it is finally time for a walk-in shower.

The bathroom remodeling contractors in Sarasota, FL at Sarasota Kitchen Remodeling excel when it comes to creating beautiful and functional bathrooms. We will work with you to create a custom design that not only looks amazing but also works for your family's needs. Whether you are looking for an easy update or something more extensive, we can help.

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Don't Wait! Every Bathroom Renovation is Worth it

There are countless benefits to a new Sarasota bathroom renovation but, our remodelers have listed a few for you:

  • Save on your water bill: With more energy-efficient faucets and toilets, you'll save money every month on your water bill.
  • Have a functional but luxurious-looking bathroom: Get rid of the bathtub, install a walk-in shower or get that claw-foot tub you've always wanted; do away with old cabinets and replace them with contemporary designs.
  • Improve storage space: Get rid of your old cabinets and put in new ones that are more up-to-date.
  • Eliminate dated tile or wallpaper: Tired of looking at your yellowed, outdated bathroom? With a renovation, you can have it re-tiled, change the color scheme or even install wallpaper.
  • Increase resale: Bathroom renovations add an average of 8% to the resale value of a home in Sarasota. If you're thinking of putting your home on the market anytime soon, a bathroom renovation is a great way to give yourself an edge in the competition. By showing off a modernized space with sleek new fixtures, you can make your home more appealing to a greater range of buyers.

Give your family a space they can be proud of! The team at Sarasota Kitchen Remodeling will take care of every detail: from start to finish. From picking out the best materials for your budget and taste to providing an on-site supervisor during construction, we leave you with a bathroom that's not just remodeled but completely transformed. Give us a call today!

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Make a Small Bathroom Renovation in Sarasota Feel Bigger!

Designing a new bathroom for a tight space can be tough. There are some easy tricks to make the most of your space and even create the illusion of more space.

  1. One such trick is to divide up your walls into quadrants or smaller sections and decide which wall will be the focal point of the room. Design this wall opposite of the door and make it as big as possible. By designing one large wall opposite of the door, you will create more space within the room and make it seem like there is more room than there actually is.
  2. If you want to use every inch of your bathroom, use mirrors on one or both side walls to create an illusion of depth.
  3. Paint in a bright color to bring a fresh and light feel to a small bathroom. Use color blocking in conjunction with flooring patterns to help break up the monotony of large expanses of tile or linoleum.

By applying these design tricks, you can make the most out of a tight space. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Sarasota, Florida can help you design the bathroom of your dreams.


Choose Our Bathroom Remodelers for Your Project!

It is important to work with a Sarasota bathroom renovation company you can trust. We are Sarasota's leading full-service contractors for renovations, new construction, and repairs. We have 25 years of experience, so you know that we've seen it all! With our close attention to detail at every job site, you're sure to get the high-quality bathroom renovation you deserve.

Whether you require a small bath reno or a complete master bathroom renovation, we're the team to call. We've built our business around customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that your complete bathroom renovation will be done right the first time. Give us a call to get on the schedule for bathroom remodeling services!

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